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Amnesty Scheme — Economy

By April 10, 2023May 22nd, 2023Announcement, Current Affairs, Economy, GS 3

Amnesty Scheme


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• Import of capital goods at zero rates of customs duty.
• Obligation: Export value should be atleast 6 times of duties exempted.
• Import of Raw material at zero rates of customs duty.
• Export Obligation has to be followed.

What if Export Obligations are not met?

Amnesty Scheme – In lines of “Vivaad se Vishwas
• The Amnesty scheme shall be available for a limited period, up to September 30, 2023, as per the new Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) which will be effective from April 1.
• The interest payable is capped at 100 per cent of these exempted duties under this scheme.
• No interest is payable on the portion of Additional Customs Duty and Special Additional Customs Duty.


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