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How to Approach Answer Writing for PSIR Optional?

Hey, You! 👋🏻 This Workshop is for PSIR Optional Students who are preparing for Mains, to make a Road Map to Conquer Answer Writing.

The Key to Scoring 280+ Marks in PSIR Optional is Writing Well Structured and Content Rich Answers!

Most PSIR Toppers – Abhimanyu Malik (AIR-60 – UPSC CSE 2023), Anirudha Pandey (AIR-64 – UPSC CSE 2022), Kiran (AIR-896 – UPSC CSE 2022) & Shruti Uttam Shrote (AIR-981 – UPSC CSE 2023) have underlined how value addition is never enough, but adding enough value in PSIR answers is what gets students top marks in the optional.

Saturday, 13th July 2024 – 5PM

-12Days -1Hours -32Minutes -17Seconds

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Do You Face these Issues in Answer Writing for PSIR Optional?

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Can’t Finish PSIR Answers within Time and Word Limits?

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Can't Decide What to Put In and What to Leave Out in Answers?

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Don’t Know How to Ensure Keywords & Scholars are included in Answers?

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Constantly Confused with Structuring of Answers?

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Unable to Comprehend the Question's Requirements?

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Unable to Score Satisfactory Marks with Your Answers?

Our PSIR Optional UPSC Toppers


Anirudh Pandey



295 Marks in PSIR

“Got a Lot of Conceptual Clarity using your Content and Detailed Videos”


Pouravi Gupta



285 Marks in PSIR

“Really Thankful for the Answer Writing Practice I did in your PSIR Program”


Raghvendra Sharma



“Being a Regular Viewer of Your Channel, I used the PSIR Crash Course for my Preparation”


Preeti Panchal



264 Marks in PSIR

“Grateful for the Quality Notes & Lectures Provided By Prerna Ma’am”

Joining this LIVE Workshop will take a Step by Step Approach to Help You Gain:

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Understanding PSIR Questions & Directives

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Basic Structures for Your PSIR Answers

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Frameworks & Keywords to Use for PSIR

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Interlinkages & Examples to Use in PSIR Answers

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How to Add Scholarly Analysis to Your Answers Effectively

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LIVE Answer Writing Practice for a Few Questions

Know Your Mentor

Prerna Trehan

PSIR Expert & Answer Writing Guru

Co-Founder – Sleepy Classes IAS
  • Prerna Ma’am is a PSIR connoisseur with a stellar educational background from JNU and first-hand experience in tackling optional requirements for UPSC Mains.
  • Over the past 8 years she has been an educator of PSIR with colleges, MoE and finally Sleepy Classes. She has successfully mentored over 100 PSIR Rank Holders in the past 4 years towards cracking UPSC and States’ PSC.
  • Apart from her comprehensive complete courses, her free Answer writing series and PYQ discussion on YT have helped many a topper in their PSIR journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to ask my doubts directly to Ma'am?

Yes, this shall be an interactive live session with time for students to ask their queries directly to the faculty.

Will this workshop help me in becoming confident to attempt the exam?

Yes, the workshop is oriented towards removing your fears regarding the exam and to provide concrete steps to approach the same.

Will my speed and accuracy get better after this workshop?

Yes, the workshop is aimed at imparting knowledge of breaking down questions into keywords to provide a step-by-step method to inculcate better speed and accuracy.

What language will this workshop be conducted in?

The Workshop will be conducted in Hinglish