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China reports first human case of H3N8 bird flu-Sci. and Tech(5th May)



Science & Technology

China reports first human case of H3N8 bird flu


  • China has recorded the first human infection with the H3N8 strain of bird flu, the country’s health authority said recently
  • The H3N8 variant has previously been detected elsewhere in the world in horses, dogs, birds and seals but no human cases of H3N8 have been reported
  • The commission said an initial assessment determined the variant did not yet have the ability to effectively infect humans, and the risk of a large-scale epidemic was low.
  • Many different strains of bird flu are present in China and some sporadically infect people, usually those working with poultry.
    Last year China reported the first human case of H10N3.

Influenza viruses

Influenza type A viruses are classified into subtypes according to the combinations of different virus surface proteins, hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA)

  • For example, a virus that has an HA 7 protein and NA 9 protein is designated as subtype H7N9.
  • Human infections are primarily acquired through direct contact with infected animals or contaminated environments.


Influenza A viruses

  • can be classified as
  • Avian influenza (H5N1, H9N2 etc.)
  • Swine influenza(H1N1 and H3N2), or other types of animal influenza viruses
  • The most effective way to prevent the disease is vaccination

G4 Virus(Strain of H1N1)

  • It is recently emerged , infecting Chinese pigs
  • G4 strain has the capability of binding to human-type receptors (like, the SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to ACE2 receptors in humans)

Bird flu (avian influenza)

  • Can spread from one bird to other birds and animals.
  • Migratory birds have been assumed to be largely responsible for long-distance transmission of the virus into India.
  • It also spreads through local movement of residential birds and poultry