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Explaining the concept of Regionalism..

Explaining the concept of Regionalism, elaborate the different forms that regionalism has taken in India.

  • Regionalism is the expression of common sense of identity and purpose by people associated with a region due to various factors like common language, culture and history.
  • Since Independence, Indian soil has witnessed various forms of Regionalism such as –
    • Secessionist Tendencies – By taking excessive pride inn one’s region or culture. Example – Khalistan movement and demand of separation of Kashmir.
    • Linguistic Reorganisation – Generally associated with attachment and unity due to regional language. Example – Separation of Andhra Pradesh from Tamil Nadu, Haryana from Punjab.
    • Clash between Migrants and Natives – By promotion of “Son of Soil” doctrine. Example – Bihar migrants facing hatred in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh recent decision to give incentives to industries if 70% of their workforce is local people.
    • Inter State Dispute – Resources of one state or region being used or being shared by neighbouring regions, Flamed on regional consciousness of people. Example – Kaveri Dispute between TN and Karnataka, SYL dispute between Punjab and Haryana.
    • Politics is influenced by regionalism – Example Formation of regional parties like DMK, Akali Dal.
  • However, on the other side of the coin, Regionalism has also contributed positively, in sense of competition among states for development and welfare. Example – Karnataka and Maharashtra and also common issues within the regions can be solved with unity only.