Geography Optional for UPSC 2025: Current Affairs Special Workshop

Saturday, 3rd February 2024 – 5PM

Only 500 Seats Available

-161Days -5Hours -58Minutes -42Seconds

Geography is one of the most Popular Optionals in UPSC with a Good Success Rate in Mains having produced a number of Toppers like Ira Singhal (2015),  Saumya Pandey,  Preksha Agarwal (2022) and many more.

Having an Overlap with GS-1 and GS-3, a Scoring Subject like Geography can be Your Ticket to Getting a UPSC Rank

Actual Cost: ₹999/-

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Join Us for an Enlightening LIVE Session with Santosh Choudhary Ma'am (Serving Officer) and prepare like India's Top Administrative Officers – because You're on the Path of Becoming One!

Facing Difficulty in Keeping Geography Optional Dynamic?

  • How to Approach Current News for Geography Optional?
  • Where to Access Current Affairs for Geography Optional?
  • How to Incorporate Current News into my Answers?
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  • What is the Best Way to Organise Notes of Current Affairs and Static Geography Concepts?
  • Are Magazines Necessary for Geography Optional Preparation?
  • How to Instantly Link Current News with the Geography Syllabus?

We've Got the Answers!

What All Will You Learn?

Integration of Current Affairs with Geography Optional
Recognise the Dynamic Nature of Geography

Identify Themes Aligning with Static Geography Concepts

Reliable Sources for Current Affairs
Choose Reputable Newspapers (The Hindu, Indian Express)

Include Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, and Academic Journals

Efficient Newspaper Reading
Focus on 1-2 Newspapers for Time Management

Prioritise Geography-Related News

Segregating Geography-Oriented News
Develop an Eye for Geography-Specific Topics

Utilise Dedicated Sections in Newspapers

Magazines for In-Depth Analysis
Read Specialised Magazines (Geographical Review, EPW)

Extract Information Relevant to Geography Optional

Linking Current News with Static Portion
Connect Events to Geographical Principles

Relate Contemporary Issues to Static Syllabus Concepts

Answer Writing Integration
Practice Incorporating Current Affairs in Answers

Strengthen Arguments with Recent Examples

Note-Making for Current News
Create a Dedicated Section in Notes

Organise Under Relevant Geography Topics

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Actual Cost: ₹999/-

Join for FREE

Know Your Mentor

know your mentor

Santosh Ma’am is UPSC 2018 Batch Officer, currently serving in  Indian Post and Telecom Account and Finance Service. She has done her B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering  from Jaipur and MTech in Remote Sensing from Banasthali University. Before becoming a Civil Servant, she was working as a Research Associate at ISRO and worked on some really cool projects on Moon and Mars.

Though she has been teaching since her graduation days, but Geography became her favourite subject when she self-taught herself Geography during her preparation days. She has successfully mentored 100+ students towards cracking UPSC. 

Her teaching style is very simple, relating it with day to day events, advances topics become as simple as basic ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Expect to Receive Personal Guidance from the Instructor During the Workshop?

Certainly, this will be an interactive live session where students can ask their questions directly to the instructor.

Will this workshop help me in building foolproof Geography strategy?

Yes, the workshop is oriented towards giving you tips to make a concrete plan of action to complete your Geography Optional Preparation in 3-4 months.

Will I be able to know the most important sources and syllabus for Geography Optional?

Yes, the workshop is aimed at imparting knowledge of Geography Optional and we will have a detailed discussion of the topics of Geography Optional Syllabus along with important sources for each part of the syllabus.

Can I learn how to effectively address current affairs related to Geography Optional?

Certainly, the workshop will provide an honest evaluation of available sources and strategies for handling the dynamic aspects of Geography Optional, particularly Paper 1 Part B and Paper 2.

Is this a Paid Workshop?

No, it’s a completely free workshop to help you have a complete strategy to completing Geography Optional.

Will there be any recommended study materials or books provided during the workshop?

Yes, we will offer suggestions for useful study materials and books that can aid in your Geography Optional preparation.

Is this workshop suitable for beginners in Geography Optional, or is it more advanced?

This workshop caters to individuals of all proficiency levels, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Geography Optional student.

Are there any prerequisites or specific requirements for joining the workshop?

There are no prerequisites or specific requirements to participate in the workshop. It is open to all interested students.

Is there a specific focus on time management strategies for Geography Optional within the workshop?

Yes, we will also take discussion on how to manage Geography optional preparation along with GS and Prelims.