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Launching the All-New Subscription Plans

By August 22, 2020May 22nd, 2023Announcement

Launching the All-New Subscription Plans!

When Sleepy Classes first started out, our vision was to democratize the access to education. To fulfil this, we started with some pathbreaking initiatives such as covering entire GS Syllabus on YouTube for free. Entire Sociology Optional is also available on YouTube.

Our next steps were to cover as much as we can on YouTube – Current Affairs (Pre-Cure), MCQs for Prelims (Pre-Mix), Revision of Important Topics (2-Minute Series), Important Mains Question Discussion (MAD – Mains A Day), among many more which we experimented with.

We later launched a course that encompasses all of the above but rather than the hassle of YouTube it would be hosted on our platform, and would be neatly organized and structured. We would charge a very fair and genuine price and it would also help us be a sustainable organization.

All these set the benchmarks for the entire sector.

Now, we’re launching something big again – SUBSCRIPTION Plan.

What is it you would ask? Well, simply put, for those who face a challenge in paying even a small amount as a lump sum can now choose to pay their fee as small monthly payments. This reduces the burden on the student, and particularly in these times of COVID-19 we believe it is the order of the day.

As Victor Hugo said “No force can stop an idea whose time has come”, we believe it is time that we move from fee in lakhs of rupees to a couple of thousand every month.