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List of Foreign Ambassadors to Indian Mauryan Empire

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List of Foreign Ambassadors to India Mauryan Empire


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Megasthenes (302 – 298 BC)

  • Greek Ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya.
  • Ambassador of Selecus Nicator, who visited in the court of Chandragupta Maurya.
  • Worte Book Indica – Describing the situation of India – Economic, political and societal scenario.
  • He is the first person to describe Ancient India and thereby called as the “Father of Indian History”.
  • In INDICA – he wrote that Slavery is absent in India, Indica describes the Gangaridai region and the massive herds of elephants that made the Gangaridai unconquerable by any foreign king.
  • Indica by Megasthenes is a description of India’s diverse culture. India was a melting pot of races. There were no foreign colonies, and there are no Indian colonies outside of India.
  • There were seven endogamous and hereditary castes in India:
  • Philosophers are people who think about things (believed to be most dear to the gods)
  • Farmers
  • Herders (hunters, lived outside villages and towns)
  • Artisans (created weapons and tools)
  • Military (secured the city and equipped for war)
  • Overseers (carry out administrative tasks)
  • Councilors and Assessors (wise people with a good character)


  • Indian soil is rich in gold, silver, copper, and iron.
  • A variety of tools, weapons, decorations, and other things are made from tin and other metals.
  • India’s plains are extremely fertile, and irrigation is commonly used.
  • Rice, millet, a grain called bosporum, other cereals, pulses, and other food plants are the principal crops.
  • Because rain occurs in both summer and winter, there are two agricultural cycles every year.
  • Rice, millet, bosporus, and sesamum are seeded around the summer solstice. Wheat is seeded in the winter.
  • There have never been any famines in India.

  • Greek Ambassador in the court of Bindusara.
  • Sent by Antiochus I (son of Selecus Nikator)
  • Provided information about the contemporary society and polity.

Foreign Invasion in India till Mauryan Age

  • Achaemenian Invasion – 550 BCE (Persian)
  • Macedonian Invasion of Alexander – 326 BCE (Greek)

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