PSIR Test Series

This is our flagship batch for General Studies, also known as PcM Batch (Prelims cum Mains). This is the most comprehensive batch for covering every little part of the syllabus of the syllabus and every aspect of the exam.

In this course, students will get
• Video lectures, for Prelims as well as Mains syllabus topics
• PDFs of these lectures, for you to download and keep
• Daily Quizzes after every lecture, to practice what you’ve read and learnt
• Prelims Test Series, to be able to practice enough and prepare yourself for the D-day
• Mains Answer Writing, so that you can build you skills for the Mains exam as well, parallelly
• Mains Answer Evaluation, with relevant feedback so that you can improve your answers
• Mains Model Answers, for you to understand how to structure an answer
• Essay Classes without Evaluation* (* for evaluation we have a separate Essay course)
• Access to a Telegram group for doubt clarification and peer interaction

Price: ₹24,000 (For Full Course)
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Price: ₹3,500/month (Subscription Plan for 8 Months)
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