STEP by STEP Guide to PSIR Optional 2025

Scoring 280+ Marks in Political Science and International Relations is Possible! But only if you have a Detailed PLAN OF ACTION from the start of your UPSC Journey.

This Exclusive LIVE PSIR Workshop helps clear all your doubts and make a practical roadmap for your Success in PSIR Optional!

Friday, 19th July 2024 – 5PM

Only 500 Seats Available

-6Days -1Hours -47Minutes -36Seconds

Actual Cost: ₹999/-

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Are you facing these Problems in your PSIR Optional Journey for UPSC 2025?

  • Overwhelmed by the length of PSIR Optional Syllabus?
  • Have no background in Political Science and International Relations?
  • Too many Sources and Magazines recommended?
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  • Can’t understand or remember terms and thinkers of PSIR Optional?
  • Don’t understand how to cover PSIR Current Affairs beyond GS?
  • Don’t know how to write good Political Science Optional Answers?

Find Doable Solutions to all your Problems in this 2 Hour LIVE Comprehensive Political Science and International Relations Workshop, tried and tested by a number of PSIR Toppers.

What All Will You Learn?

Complete Guide to Completing your PSIR Optional in 5 Months

In-Depth Understanding of PSIR Syllabus Topics

Limited PSIR Book List and Sources for Full Coverage

PrernaSleepyNew Front

Understanding Note Making and Micro-Notes

Keeping Up with Dynamic Elements of PSIR Issues

Starting your PSIR Answer Writing Journey

Snippets from our PSIR Starter Workshop

Meet our PSIR Toppers of UPSC CSE

Don’t Make Mistakes Like Other PSIR Beginners!

Join Prerna Ma’am in this LIVE Workshop to Solve All Your Doubts for a Foolproof Path to Dominating Political Science and International Relations Optional in UPSC 2025

Actual Cost: ₹999/-

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Know Your Mentor

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Prerna Ma’am is a PSIR connoisseur with a stellar educational background from JNU and first-hand experience in tackling optional requirements for UPSC Mains.

Over the past 8 years she has been an educator of PSIR with colleges, MoE and finally Sleepy Classes. She has successfully mentored over 100 PSIR Rank Holders in the past 4 years towards cracking UPSC and States’ PSC.

Apart from her comprehensive complete courses, her free Answer writing series and PYQ discussion on YT have helped many a topper in their PSIR journey.


Student's Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to ask my doubts directly to Ma’am?

Yes, this shall be an interactive live session with time for students to ask their queries directly to the faculty.

Will this workshop help me in building a foolproof PSIR strategy?

Yes, the workshop is oriented towards giving you tips to make a concrete plan of action to complete your Political Science Optional Preparation in 6 months.

Will I be able to know the most important sources and syllabus for PSIR Optional?

Yes, the workshop is aimed at imparting knowledge of Political Science Optional and we will have a detailed discussion of the topics of PSIR Optional Syllabus along with important sources for each part of the syllabus.

Will this workshop help me understand how to tackle current affairs for PSIR Optional?

Absolutely, an honest assessment of sources available and how to follow them to tackle the dynamic elements of Political Science Optional especially Paper 1 Part B and Paper 2.

Is this a Paid Workshop?

No, it’s a completely free workshop to help you have a complete strategy to completing Political Science and International Relations Optional.