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Punjab PCS 2024: Scoring 300+ Marks in PPSC Prelims

Saturday, 17th February 2024 – 5PM

Only 500 Seats Available

-147Days -5Hours -29Minutes -27Seconds

Cracking Prelims in Punjab PCS Can Be Very Challenging. Not Only a Strong Foundation in GS, but also Nailing the CSAT Paper is a Prerequisite to Score High in Prelims

Actual Cost: ₹999/-

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Join Us for an Enlightening LIVE Session with Kuber Singh (SME International Relations & Essay) & Samridhi Mehta (Lead – State PCS) – Prepare like India's Top Administrative Officers – because You're on the Path of Becoming One!

Facing Difficulty in Preparing for Punjab PCS Prelims?

  • How Similar is the PCS Pattern compared to UPSC?
  • How Many Months of Current Affairs to Study?
  • ⁠How Much Importance Do Punjab Current Affairs Hold?
PPSC LOGO WHITE Big Punjab PCS, pcs punjab, punjab pcs syllabus, punjab pcs exam 2023, punjab pcs judiciary result
  • Which Books are Best to Follow for GS & CSAT?
  • Should I prepare for UPSC and PPSC Separately?
  • How High Can the Cut-Off Be This Year?

We've Got You Covered!

What All Will You Learn?

The Art of MCQs

Mastering the Art of Practicing MCQs Confidently

Gaining Confidence in CSAT

Targeted Strategies to Boost Your Confidence in CSAT

Preparing for UPSC & PPSC Simultaneously

Different Tried & Tested Strategies for Simultaneous Preparation of UPSC & PPSC

Holistic PPSC Mains Strategy

Holistically Plan & Prepare for PPSC Mains Alongside Prelims

Need of Scoring High in Language & Essay Paper

The Importance of Low-Hanging Fruits like the Essay & Language Paper

Importance of Rote Learning with Conceptual Clarity

Applying a Synthesis of Rote Learning & Conceptual Clarity for Both Prelims & Mains

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Actual Cost: ₹999/-

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Know Your Mentor

Kuber Punjab PCS, pcs punjab, punjab pcs syllabus, punjab pcs exam 2023, punjab pcs judiciary result

Kuber Sir is an Engineer by education, and a highly analytical person by design – he always tries to simplify and structure things in a framework.

He believes that if you follow a proper approach, even a difficult path can be made easy.

In this Workshop, Kuber Sir will help you think and approach things in a manner which helps you learn and retain information for the examination

Samridhi Punjab PCS, pcs punjab, punjab pcs syllabus, punjab pcs exam 2023, punjab pcs judiciary result

Samridhi Mehta is a passionate law graduate and educator, dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams of joining the Punjab Civil Services.

With a strong foundation in Constitutional Law, her experience extends to teaching, mentoring and managing batches for various State PSCs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this workshop help me in building a foolproof Punjab PCS strategy?

Yes, the workshop is oriented towards giving you tips to make a concrete plan of action to complete your Punjab PCS Preparation.

Is this a Paid Workshop?

No, it’s a completely free workshop to help you have a complete strategy to cracking Punjab PCS Prelims

Will there be any recommended study materials or books provided during the workshop?

Yes, we will offer suggestions for useful study materials and books that can aid in your PPSC preparation.

Is this workshop suitable for newcomers to Punjab PCS, or is it more advanced?

This workshop caters to individuals of all proficiency levels, whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced Punjab PCS aspirant.

Are there any prerequisites or specific requirements for joining the workshop?

There are no prerequisites or specific requirements to participate in the workshop. It is open to all interested students.

Is there a specific focus on time management strategies for Punjab PCS within the workshop?

Yes, we will also take discussion on how to manage Punjab PCS Prelims GS Preparation along with CSAT and PPSC Mains.