The roadmap for Punjab PCS…..

By January 8, 2021 Announcement

If you are reading this blog, it means you have already convinced yourself up to some extent that you are going to crack Punjab PCS and we are with you in your journey….

We will not say cracking PCS is tough but we didn’t even said, it is impossible,

You can crack this exam, with right strategy and dedication

And we can help you,

We have tried to answer all of your queries related to Punjab PCS on our YouTube channel;

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First of all we need to understand the scheme of exam, there are three rounds,

  • Preliminary Exam (2 exams)
  • Mains Exam (7 exams)
  • Interview Round


To appear in any exam there are two important things which is considered as first step towards your journey, which is checking syllabus and previous year question papers,

And you can check all these from our website itself,

PCS Previous Year Question Papers-

PCS Prelims Syllabus-

PCS Mains Syllabus-


After finishing all this, now you must have answers to all of your questions like,

  • What is the eligibility criterion of the exam?
  • What type of questions can be asked in Prelims and Mains exam?
  • What to do and what not to do for exam?


Even if you haven’t seen videos, no problem, let us discuss one by one but we will highly recommend you to check out those videos because it is impossible to explain everything here…

If you have already prepared for UPSC, you are aware of syllabus up to some extent and there are some areas which you need to focus on like,

For Prelims,

  • World History
  • CSAT
  • Punjabi Language
  • Punjab GK and Punjab Current Affairs

For Mains,

  • Punjabi Language Paper
  • Statistics
  • Punjab specific Economy, Social Issues, Government Schemes, Punjab Government’s Budget
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

If you haven’t prepared for UPSC, there is no need to worry! Let’s discuss each and every paper in detail.

Booklist for Preliminary Exam,

NCERTs- 6th Class- 10th Class

  • Polity- Indian Polity by Laxmikant
  • Environment- Shanker IAS
  • Economy- Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
  • Geography- with NCERTs you can add Atlas (Oxford Student Atlas For India and Orient Black swan Atlas for World)
  • History- Modern India- Spectrum, Ancient India- 11th standard NCERT (RS Sharma), Medieval India- 11th Class NCERT
  • World History- 11th Class NCERT (Political Theory) and Mastering Modern World History – Norman Lowe
  • Punjab GK- Sadda Punjab
  • Punjab Current Affairs- Newspapers like The Tribune, Ajit

For Current Affairs, you can refer to our Daily PreCure and PreMix,


  • Quantitative Aptitude by Rs Aggarwal
  • Logical Reasoning by Rs Aggarwal
  • English Grammar- Wren and Martin
  • Punjabi Grammar- Narinder Singh Duggal

With this don’t forget to practice previous year question papers!

You can join our courses also to save your time,

Brownie points, we have also tried to cover maximum syllabus on our YouTube channel which is completely FREE

Booklist for Mains Exam,

  • English
  • Essay- This requires practice and right framework

You can join our essay course,

And you can check this as well,

  • Punjabi- Punjabi Grammar And Narinder Singh Duggal
  • General Studies-I: History, Geography and Society
  • General Studies-II: Indian Constitution& Polity, Governance and International Relations
  • General Studies-III: Economy, Statistics and Security Issues
  • General Studies-IV: Science & Technology, Environment, Problem Solving & Decision Making

We are glad that you have kept patience and read it carefully J

You can do it!

You can crack this exam!!


“It always seems impossible, until it is done.”– Nelson Mandela

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