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UN adopts landmark resolution on Use of Veto-Polity(4th May)

By May 4, 2022May 22nd, 2023Current Affairs, GS 2, Polity & governance


UN adopts landmark resolution on Use of Veto.

  • According to the resolution adopted by consensus, use of veto by permanent five members in United Nations Security Council(UNSC)will automatically trigger a General Assembly meeting within 10 days,  where all UN members can scrutinize and comment on the veto.
    • Resolution was initiated by Liechtenstein on behalf of 83 cosponsors (India did not co-sponsor).


What is veto power?

  • Permanent 5 – China, France, Russia, U.S. and U.K have the right to veto or say no to any substantive resolution.
  • Although “power of veto” is not specifically mentioned in United Nations Charter’s, however, Article 27 of the UN Charter requires concurring votes from the permanent members. For this reason, “power of veto” is also referred to as the principle of great unanimity.



Stand by India

  • Veto as a matter of principle should be abolished and it should be extended to new permanent members so long as it continues to exist.
  • Issue of the efficacy of the resolution as mechanisms are already in place enabling the members of the UNGA to convene meetings on an “emergency basis” to discuss or take action on issues that reach a stalemate in the UNSC.

About UNSC 

  • It is one of the six main organs of United Nations and holds primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.
    • Headquartered at New York.
    • It consists of 5 permanent member and 10 non-permanent members (2 year tenure).
    • The non-permanent members are elected by a two-thirds vote of the UN General Assembly. The main criterion for eligibility is contribution “to the maintenance of international peace and security,” 
    • While other organs of the UN make recommendations to member states, only the Security Council has the power to make decisions.