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One Rupee. One Day. All Courses.

Our journey began on 15th August 2017, when we first put out a video sharing with all of you as to what we planned to do, which was to make UPSC preparation affordable and accessible to everyone who ever dreamt of it.

Over the four years, we have been able to achieve some success – many of our students have gone on to ace the UPSC Civil Services, but the larger dream and ambition to make top quality education reach everyone’s doorstep is still a work in progress 😊

In this regard, commemorating our fourth anniversary, we have decided to launch a One Day, One Rupee, All Courses plan. Under this, on 15th August, at the stroke of midnight hour, as the country sleeps, UPSC aspirants will awaken to a golden opportunity – we will make the content of our UPSC courses available to everyone, for a single day, for ONE RUPEE.

You will be able to watch our content lectures – see how we structure our courses, and approach the syllabus, our content quality as well as delivery.

If you like the content, give us a shout-out, tell your friends about us, and enrol if you feel you would like guidance and mentorship from us.

Happy Independence Day!!

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