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The path to cracking the IAS examination is not just about hard work; it’s about smart work, strategy, and guidance.

That’s where our IAS General Studies Live Workshop comes in – The one-stop solution for all your queries and concerns.

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Saturday, 16th September 2023 – 5PM

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    Find Yourself Asking these Critical Questions?

    • Is Test Series necessary for UPSC Prelims?
    • How to attempt Test Series and make notes simultaneously?
    • How to analyse performance through Test Series?
    • How to select Test Series that match UPSC Standards?
    • How to mark the Correct Answer in Confusing Statements?

    If Yes!
    Your Pathway to IAS Victory Starts Here!

    Wondering how to prepare for both Prelims and Mains without feeling overwhelmed?

    Our workshop provides you with a comprehensive strategy that streamlines your preparation, ensuring no question is left unanswered.

    We will guide you on effective time management, the best way of Answer Writing, and the key to balancing Optionals with GS, ensuring that your focus remains balanced, efficient, and productive.

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    • Get a Complete Action Plan for Comprehensive Preparation
    • Increase Your Productivity Manyfold
    • Know Toppers Secrets
    • In-Depth Content Coverage – leaving no stone unturned.
    • No Pre-Recorded Videos! Interact with our Expert Faculty in real-time during the 2 Hour LIVE Workshop.

    Meet our Toppers of UPSC

    Know Your Mentor

    Dr. Dharminder stands as a Revered Mentor to budding Civil Servants, boasting an impressive track record of four successful UPSC prelims clearances. His wealth of experience and profound expertise has been instrumental in guiding numerous individuals towards their aspirational goals.

    Over the past three years, Dr. Dharminder’s remarkable ability to predict UPSC prelims outcomes with an accuracy exceeding 75% has revolutionized the preparation process for countless aspirants. This innovative approach has empowered many to sail through the prelims examination, enabling them to allocate greater attention to the UPSC mains examination.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I be able to ask my doubts directly to Sir?

    Yes, this shall be an interactive live session with time for students to ask their queries directly to the faculty.

    Will this workshop help me in becoming confident to attempt the exam?

    Yes, the workshop is oriented towards removing your fears regarding the exam and to provide concrete steps to approach the same.

    Will my speed and accuracy get better after this workshop?

    Yes, the workshop is aimed at imparting knowledge of breaking down questions into keywords to provide a step-by-step method to inculcate better speed and accuracy.

    What language will this workshop be conducted in?

    The Workshop will be conducted in Hinglish

    Is this a Paid Workshop?

    No, it is an entirely cost-free workshop designed to assist you in enhancing your answer writing skills to achieve a target score of 400 or more in the GS Mains exam