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General Studies Batch - IV(2021)

General Studies without Answer Evaluation Batch - IV(2021)

GS without answer evaluation

In this course, students will get:
• Video lectures, for Prelims as well as Mains syllabus topics
• PDFs of these lectures, for you to download and keep
• Daily Quizzes after every lecture, to practice what you’ve read and learnt
• Prelims Test Series, to be able to practice enough and prepare yourself for the D-day
• Mains Answer Writing, so that you can build you skills for the Mains exam as well, in parallel
• Mains Model Answers, for you to understand how to structure an answer
• Essay Classes without Evaluation*, so that you may benefit from understanding the approach and the structure of this oft-ignored aspect of the exam (* for evaluation we have a separate Essay course)
• Access to a Telegram group, where you can interact with your peers, discuss and make study plans, and ask us any doubts which you may have

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Course Schedule

The first week will involve orientation lectures to make students familiar with the syllabus, books, terms and strategies to prepare for UPSC. From the first week onwards, different topics will be covered on each day of the week as shown below.

28 Sep
29 Sep
30 Sep
Polity & Governance
1 Oct
2 Oct
Environment/Security Issues/Disaster Management
3 Oct
Science & Tech/International Relations
Test Schedule
  • Current Affairs tests will begin from 6th September 2020
  • Sectional Tests will begin from 29th November 2020
  • Half Length Tests will begin from 11th April 2021
  • Full Length Tests will begin from 16th May 2021
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Course Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the timings of the class?

The lectures will be available at 9:30 a.m. on the designated day. However; the flexibility of an online platform offers you the convenience of accessing the lectures at a time suitable to you.

Q: How would doubts be answered?

We offer you the convenience of 4 different platforms for interaction: 1. Telegram group 2. E-mail 3. Discussion board on the platform 4. If nothing else; we are always a call away. For one to one doubt redressal; an appointment can be scheduled with the concerned faculty member.

Q: Will CSAT be included in the course?

There is are separate CSAT courses (only content, test series and content+test series). However there Combo courses which provide both GS and CSAT content, and even a GS, CSAT, Essay and Optional combo to fulfill all your UPSC preparation requirement.

Q: Is this course enough to crack UPSC?

We will be covering all the topics included in the UPSC syllabus. We always recommend reading essential texts and standard reference books for all subjects; the list of which shall be provided at the commencement of the course. And we strongly believe that no course can ever be enough to crack UPSC without your own hardwork and determination. So, we will try to orient your preparation towards more hard work and greater sustained focus to crack this exam.

Q: How is it different from offline classes?

We shall try to emulate the best things about offline classes, while removing the negative ones. So we can promise:
• a comprehensive, yet concise course (minus all the side-talk and distractions which accompany physical classes)
• easy revision as the videos can be accessed time and again so you never forget those tiny details
• convenience of watching it at your own pace in your room, without jostling in the streets of rajinder nagar
• multiple modes of doubt redressal with the dedicated faculty members and a pep talk whenever one requires
• more importantly, we have always tried to keep the courses either free or highly affordable, unlike offline centers.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can view the lectures?

No, you can view the lectures as many times as you like and whenever you want. All the lectures stay on the platform to be viewed till the course validity.

Q: What about mains test series?

There shall be no test series for mains included, although the course will include regular answer writing practice, so that prior to the testing stage, one learns the ways of formulating a well-structured answer.

Q: What shall be the validity of the course?

The course remains valid till Mains 2021. The classes of prelims cum mains course culminate on 27th May, 2021 including regular answer writing practice. As the enrolled students get free access to the prelims crash course as well; they can focus their energies on that from march onwards. However, students will be able to access all the videos and the content till before their mains in 2021.

Q: Does the course include any study material?

At the start of every module ; students will be given a reading list comprising essential standard texts and basic reading for particular topics. Every lecture will be accompanied by a comprehensive and detailed PDF for the same.

Q: Is there a deadline for sending answers for daily answer writing?

Yes. Every question comes with a deadline to submit. After this, the window to submit the answer for evaluation will close. You can send in your answers before the deadline, which will be 7 days.

Q: What are the number of attempts allowed for taking tests in prelims test series?

You can attempt a test twice at max. However, you can always download the PDFs with explanations and attempt them as many times as you wish.

Q: Can the speed of the videos be increased?

Yes; the platform provides you the option of increasing the speed as per your convenience.

Q: Does it include essay?

Yes, the GS course includes essay classes but not the evaluation of essays. There are separate Combo courses for including essay evaluation.

Q: What are the modes available for payment?

Online only. You can enrol for the course at


Yes, if you click on the Subscribe Now link you can enrol for the course on a subscription basis. Read more about our Subscription Plans here.


You can refer to our Cancellation & Refund Policy here.

Q: How would the model answers be provided for mains questions?

Video solution of the model answer explaining the structure and details will be uploaded. PDF will also be provided for the same.

Q: Can students meet mentors in person?

We are based out of Chandigarh. Any students can seek an appointment and meet up.

Q: Is the course for freshers?

The course caters to all kinds of students. Both freshers as well as those re-attempting the exam.

Q: Is the course for working professionals?

The course has been especially designed keeping in mind the diverse requirements of different students. The easy and any time availability of lectures is particularly well suited for working professionals. Moreover, the answer writing practice with the duration of over a week gives them ample amount of time to attempt the same. Also, as a matter of fact, a lot of our students who got interview calls this year (and some who got selected last year) were working professionals, who made the most of learning out of an app.

Q: When will answer writing begin?

This course does not have answer evaluation. But regular mains questions and their model answers will start after 3 months, so the students are familiar with the foundational concepts of every subject and well versed in standard texts of the same. The daily prelims oriented questions (daily MCQs) will start from the first lecture of every subject.

Q: What about the structure of the course?

It will is 6 days a week course with Sundays for revision and answer writing. All subjects will be designated specific days of the week and shall proceed simultaneously. We shall provide you with a tentative time table for the entire year so as to aid your preparation.