Crack UPSC Prelims 2024 with the PYQs Marathon


For UPSC Prelims 2024 Aspirants, Delving into the Previous 10 Years' Question Papers (Prelims PYQs) is not just a Recommended Strategy; It's a Crucial Component of their Preparation Regimen. Here's Why:

Understanding Exam Trends

UPSC tends to follow certain patterns and trends in its question setting. By analyzing questions from the past decade, aspirants can discern recurring themes, subjects, and question types that UPSC favors. This insight helps them prioritise topics for thorough study, making their preparation more focused and efficient

Identifying Important Topics

Previous year questions serve as a barometer to gauge the relevance and significance of various topics. Topics that have been frequently asked over the years are more likely to appear in future exams. Aspirants can prioritize these topics, ensuring they allocate sufficient time and effort to cover them comprehensively

Grasping Exam Format

UPSC Prelims has a unique format and style of questioning. By familiarizing themselves with the structure of past question papers, aspirants can adapt their answering techniques accordingly. They can learn to decipher complex questions, manage time effectively, and navigate through the paper with confidence

Testing Knowledge and Application

Solving previous year questions isn’t merely about memorizing answers; it’s about testing one’s understanding and application of concepts. Aspirants can assess their preparedness by attempting these questions under exam-like conditions. It helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted revision and improvement

Reinforcing Retention

Repetition is key to retention. Revisiting questions from previous years reinforces the retention of important facts, concepts, and terminologies. It solidifies learning and enhances recall during the exam, reducing the chances of overlooking crucial information

Boosting Confidence

Aspirants often experience anxiety and apprehension about the exam. Solving previous year questions helps alleviate some of these concerns by familiarizing them with the exam environment and instilling confidence in their preparation level. Success in answering past questions breeds confidence, which is vital for peak performance on the D-Day

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Sleepy Classes PYQs Subject-Wise Marathon Helps You Reap All These Benefits By Providing:

  • Subject Wise PYQ Analysis to Ensure Detailed Coverage of All Prelims Subjects in a Guided Manner
  • Thematic Division of Questions to Ensure Topic-Wise Coverage within Subjects
  • Detailed Analysis by Subject Matter Experts in YouTube LIVE to Solve All Your Doubts
  • Comprehensive PDFs with Explanations for Last Minute Revision for Prelims

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    The UPSC Prelims 2024 PYQ Marathon Schedule is as follows:

    Date Subject
    25th February 2024 Environment & DM
    3rd March 2024 History
    10th March 2024 Polity & Governance
    17th March 2024 Geography
    24th March 2024 Economy
    31st March 2024 Science & Tech
    7th April 2024 International Relations
    14th April 2024 Mathematics
    21st April 2024 Reasoning
    28th April 2024 English

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