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Psychological Counseling for UPSC

Psychological Counselling Program for UPSC

About the Program

Unleash Your Potential and Ace the UPSC with Our Comprehensive Counselling Program, Led by our Experienced In-House Psychologist, Yashi Aukta. Our program goes beyond just exam techniques. We understand that the UPSC journey can be demanding, and we’re here to equip you with the mental fortitude and focus you need to succeed.

Our program is designed to:

  • Empower You: Develop effective coping mechanisms to manage stress and stay motivated throughout your preparation.
  • Sharpen Your Focus: Craft a personalized study plan and time management strategy to maximize your efficiency.
  • Build Confidence: Gain valuable insights and techniques to tackle UPSC with self-belief.

Unlike generic programs, we offer a holistic approach that addresses your individual needs. This is your Sure Shot Solution to navigate the UPSC mental terrain and achieve peak performance.

Why Trust Us With Your Mental Well-Being During Preparation?

Your Mental Wellbeing is one of the most essential element of success in UPSC – here’s why you should trust our qualified psychologist with helping you navigate through your UPSC journey:

  • Expert Guidance: Yashi Aukta, a qualified Counselling Psychologist, will personally guide you through your UPSC journey.
  • Personalized Support: Receive individual attention and tailored advice to overcome your specific challenges.
  • Comprehensive Support: Combines personalized counselling sessions with informative videos, offering a holistic approach to tackling challenges throughout your journey.
  • Improved Mental Wellbeing: Provides tools and strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and burnout, leading to a more positive and productive study experience.
  • Proactive Approach:Empowers students to identify and address challenges early on, preventing them from escalating and hindering their progress.
  • Enhanced Self-Confidence: Develop a growth mindset and build resilience, leading to increased self-confidence and a stronger foundation for success.
  • Optimised Study Habits: Learn effective study plan creation, time management skills, and memory-boosting techniques, maximizing your learning efficiency.

What We Have To Offer You:


Feeling Overwhelmed by your UPSC Preparation? Our Comprehensive UPSC Counselling Program is Your Perfect UPSC Success Partner – helping you Conquer Stress, Anxiety, and Time Management. This program is designed to be your Mental Well-Being Companion throughout your UPSC Journey. If Staying Motivated, Building Resilience, and Optimizing your Study Habits are your concerns, this is for you!

We offer you – 5 Personalised One-on-One Video/Voice Call Counselling Sessions to address your specific needs. Additionally, gain valuable insights from a renowned psychologist through 10 Informative Videos packed with Strategies to Maximise Mental Well-Being. Our program goes beyond exam techniques. It equips you with the mental tools and focus needed to tackle UPSC with confidence and unlock your full potential. Don’t just prepare for the exam, prepare for success with your UPSC success partner – Yashi Aukta!

Hear From Our Counselling Psychologist

Our Psychological UPSC Counselling Program

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Comprehensive Counselling Program – Your UPSC Success Partner

Struggling with UPSC Preparation taking a toll on your mental health? Our Counselling Program is your key to mental balance. Master your mindset, optimise studies, and maximise your UPSC potential.

Get 5 personalised counselling sessions & 10 informative videos covering a range of topics crucial for maintaining mental well-being during preparation.

Program Features:

star upsc counselling,counselling for upsc,upsc guidance Personalised Counselling Sessions: Benefit from 5 personalised video/voice call sessions with our experienced in-house psychologist – Yashi Aukta. Address your specific challenges, be it managing time, overcoming exam anxiety, or building healthy study habits.

star upsc counselling,counselling for upsc,upsc guidance Expert Strategies & Guidance: Gain valuable insights from 10 informative videos covering a range of topics crucial for maintaining mental well-being throughout UPSC preparation.

Program Fee: ₹499/- ₹299/-

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