FREE History Mega Question Bank for UPSC Prelims 2024

Solving practice questions for Prelims is a must to ensure success. To maximise score in UPSC Prelims and clearing cut off, Toppers recommend daily solving of MCQs

Routine solving of Practice & Mock Tests for UPSC Prelims helps students:

  • Understand the pattern and types of Prelims questions
  • Understand their subject and topic wise weaknesses in Prelims GS exam
  • Sharpen their skills and accuracy of answers in Prelims
  • Time themselves and assess readiness for the exam
  • Value add and revise in an effective and time efficient manner

To help UPSC aspirants, Sleepy Classes IAS is providing FREE 135 Questions History Compilation for Prelims, Including Important Topics and History PYQs for UPSC Prelims

Get the FREE Mega Question Bank
This History Question bank has 135 MCQs suited to the new pattern of UPSC Prelims. History is one of the most tough subjects for Prelims students to tackle and this question bank provides MCQs covering all aspects of History syllabus in UPSC Prelims of easy, medium, and difficult level to prepare you well for the actual Prelims exam

Topics covered in this FREE History Question Bank include the entire UPSC Prelims History Syllabus:

Ancient History

Dive into the rich heritage and civilizations of ancient times.

Modern History

Understand the dynamics and transformations of the contemporary world.

Medieval History

Explore the fascinating cultures and events of the medieval period.

Art & Culture

Appreciate the diverse expressions of human creativity and tradition.

Current Affairs

Stay informed with the latest developments and news shaping our world.

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Get the FREE Mega Question Bank

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