2 Hours LIVE Session to devise an honest and pragmatic roadmap for UPSC Mains 2024

Embark on a journey to surpass the milestone of 400 marks with Master Mentor, Shubham Sir

07Days 06Hours 26Minutes 25Seconds

Saturday, 30th September 2023 – 5PM

Are you facing ANY of these roadblocks?

  • Read a lot of content but are unable to organize your thoughts?

  • Have problems structuring answers within the time limit?

  • Don’t understand directives in questions?

  • Unable to consolidate mains-related current affairs?

  • Not sure how to effectively use PYQs in your preparation?

  • Not sure how to maximize marks in the Ethics paper?

  • Written mains before but unable to score well in GS?

  • Unable to focus on Mains-worthy Current Affairs?

  • Unable to support your answers with facts, examples and statistics?

To get all these issues resolved, join Shubham Sir in this
in-depth interactive workshop to

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And become a part of this one-stop solution workshop!

The UPSC 2024 Mains Guarantee Workshop will focus on

  • Learning the skill of interlinking Current Affairs with the Static portion

  • Realizing the value of “Neglected Topics” like Social issues, Internal security, etc

  • Consolidating sources and making quick revision notes

  • Understanding the demand of the question

  • Approaching structure and art of Mains Answer writing

  • Making the answers more presentable using diagrams, examples and statistics

Meet our GS Toppers of UPSC CSE

The Session will leave you with

  • Confidence to write multi-dimensional yet balanced answers

  • Enable you to leap towards a Rank clinching score in GS Mains

  • In-depth understanding of tackling GS Mains answer writing

  • Immense clarity in approaching current issues-based questions

  • Bridging the gaps in content preparation for GS

Know Your Mentor

Mr. Shubham Sagar is a highly seasoned mentor for aspiring civil servants. While his past work experience lies in Software Engineering at Samsung, his passion has always been teaching history.

Over the past 6 years, he has been mentoring UPSC Aspirants at various institutions throughout India with many of his students having gone on to become officers in Central and State Civil Services. For him, history is all about making connections between events rather than simply memorizing facts. His goal is to continue to assist UPSC Aspirants in their preparation for history by providing them with easy-to-understand material.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to ask my doubts directly to Sir?

Yes, this shall be an interactive live session with time for students to ask their queries directly to the faculty.

Will this workshop help me in becoming confident to write GS answers?

Yes, the workshop is oriented towards removing your fear of answer writing to provide concrete steps to approach the same.

Will I be able to understand the Technique of Answer Writing?

Yes, the workshop is aimed at imparting knowledge of breaking down questions into keywords to provide a step-by-step method to inculcate good answer writing.

Will this workshop help me consolidated sources to follow for GS Mains?

Absolutely, an honest assessment of sources available and to follow to maximize GS marks will be provided in the session.

Is this a Paid Workshop?

No, it is an entirely cost-free workshop designed to assist you in enhancing your answer writing skills to achieve a target score of 400 or more in the GS Mains exam