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UPSC IAS 2022 notification was released for 861 vacancies. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the notification and along with it, the application link was also activated to fill out the UPSC 2022 application.


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Pre-Mix Practice

Pre-Mix quiz helps you to increase our knowledge and give you experience of Prelims Exams

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  1. Consider the following statements :
  2. If a planet has an atmosphere and magnetic field, they probably have auroras.
  3. Unlike earth Jupiter and Saturn do not have strong magnetic field
  4. Hope spacecraft recently captured images of discrete auroras

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2.Which among the following is/are types of biometric identifiers

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3.Recently NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected an unusually high concentration of methane in the moons of Saturn .As per latest information, which among the following could be the most likely reason behind methane release:

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