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Essay Mains 2020

This is the most comprehensive batch for covering Essay Syllabus for UPSC CSE Mains 2020.

Essay is probably the most important exam that is given the least weightage by students, but ask any successful aspirant and they will tell you how important the essay paper is in getting a good score, eventually determining your service and/or your cadre.
Our essay is covered by a faculty who has himself been a top-scorer in the essay exam of UPSC, and has guided many aspirants in the previous years’ who’ve gone on to get great scores in the exam.
This essay course contains
• Essay Structure and Approach Discussion Lectures
• Essay Content in the form of PDFs
• Theses Writing Practice
• Theses Evaluation and Feedback
• Live Fortnightly Discussions
• 3 Essay Practice Tests
• 1 Full-Length Essay Test
Bonus: One Personal Mentoring Session, to be availed at the choice of the student

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