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Did someone say FREE? We did. Check out our FREE General Studies videos on YouTube and cover all subjects with our content, curated by our expert faculty, specially for you.

GS I - History, Social Issues & Geography

Modern History by Kawal Sir
Complete World History
Complete Indian History
Complete Geography for UPSC
Geography Mains Paper Discussion
Complete Social Issues for UPSC

GS II - Polity, Governance & International Relations

Polity & Governance
Complete Polity for UPSC
Back2Basics (Polity)
Complete Governance for UPSC
2 Minutes Series (Polity & Governance)
Complete International Relations for UPSC
Pre-Mix (International Relations)
Back2Basics (International Relations)

GS III - Economy, Security Issues, Environment, Science & Technology & Disaster Management

Economy for UPSC
Back to Basics - Economy
2 Minute - Economy
Internal Security for UPSC
Back to Basics - Environment
Complete Environment for UPSC
Basic Science for UPSC

GS IV - Ethics

Complete Ethics for UPSC