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UPSC Mains PYQ Theme Wise List – 2013 to 2023

UPSC Mains Theme Wise PYQs List – Download FREE PDFs Here

Cracking UPSC Mains requires strategic preparation, and analysing past exam trends is crucial for effective preparation. We are here to equip you with the ultimate weapon: FREE UPSC Mains PYQs Theme Wise List PDFs from 2013 to 2023 for absolute dominance in UPSC Mains!

Conquer UPSC Mains with Theme-Wise PYQs List FREE PDFs!

Master the Art of Answer Writing with Theme-Wise UPSC Mains Previous Year Questions Lists

This page empowers your UPSC Mains preparation with a comprehensive collection of Theme-Wise Previous Year Questions (PYQs) for GS-1, GS-2, GS-3 & GS-4.

Ditch the Scattered Approach:

  • Organised by Theme: Go beyond the traditional year-wise papers and delve into questions categorised by core themes within each GS subject.
  • Target Your Weaknesses: Identify frequently tested themes and tailor your revision for maximum impact for efficient learning.
  • Deepen Understanding: Analyse question trends to grasp the UPSC’s approach to answer writing and to refine your knowledge.

What Resources Do We Have For You?

  • GS Paper 1 (Indian Heritage & Culture, World History, Society, Geography): Explore GS-1 PYQs categorised by themes like Social Movements, Globalisation, Cultural Heritage, Geography Concepts, etc.
  • GS Paper 2 (Governance, Constitution, Polity, International Relations, Social Justice): Practice answer writing with GS-2 PYQs, grouped under themes like Federalism, Judicial Review, Social Inclusion, International Relations Dynamics etc.
  • GS Paper 3 (Indian Economy, Agriculture, Science & Technology, Environment, Internal Security): Strategise your answer writing with GS-3 PYQs on themes like Sustainable Development, Technological Advancements, Agricultural Reforms, Internal Security Threats etc.
  • GS Paper 4 (Ethics, Integrity, Case Studies): Hone your analytical and decision-making skills with GS-4 PYQs on themes like Case Studies, Work Ethics, Values in Governance etc.

Download FREE UPSC Mains Topic Wise PYQ PDF:

Access meticulously compiled mains topic wise pdf for every GS paper, empowering you to focus on specific themes and elevate your UPSC Mains preparation to new heights.

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