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Mains Answer Writing & Test Series 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Tell about 24 days answer writing program. Also tell about the beginner, intermediate and pro category in it.

Some students have recently started their preparations, some who have already attempted mains but were not able to score well, and last some who have appeared for interviews and find difficulty in answering advanced questions. Each has a different level of questions, each consists of 24 questions. Our main aim is that all the students who are at these three levels do not get overwhelmed with the questions

How will answer writing be done in Sociology Mentorship Course?

Ans- You take the printout of that PDF and write your answer in the space provided or you can write it on a separate blank sheet and send it to us through the portal provided by scanning it. We will check it, evaluate it and give you feedback.  You will also get model answers via PDFs and even video solutions. The schedule is also attached for the same

How to prepare current affairs in Sociology? Will it be covered in the course?

Ans-. Subjects like Sociology are full of theory and UPSC asks like that. Majority of the Answers can be found in the content, but to make it more facts based on recent updates we add Contemporary examples as well from time to time.

What if the student wants to talk to you, Shekhar Sir?

It is one of the common doubts asked. The whole content has been made by Shekhar Sir, and he tries his best to deliver to you the best quality content so that everything is crystal clear to you but still some issues remain, so if there is some complicated doubt, then students can contact Shekhar Sir. We try our best that your doubts get resolved parallel through the Telegram group.

How long will the answer writing go in this course? Till when can we submit our answers?

Ans-Earlier there used to be a time limit for the submission of answers, we have removed that this time onwards. If you want to study and make notes first and submit your answers later, you can do that. You can submit your answers by the time your course is valid.

24 Days UPSC Mains Answer Writing Programme


24 Days Sociology Mains Answer Writing – Beginner


24 Days Sociology Mains Answer Writing – Intermediate


24 Days Sociology Mains Answer Writing – Pro


24 Days PSIR Mains Answer Writing for Beginner


24 Days PSIR Mains Answer Writing for Intermediate


24 Days PSIR Mains Answer Writing for Pro