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Our Sleepy Team For Your Excellence!

By July 5, 2022May 22nd, 2023Announcement

Our Sleepy Team – Awakening The Toppers!



Shekhar Dutt – Coming from an engineering background, Shekhar Dutt became a keen learner of the subject, and there started his attempt to self-teach himself this body of knowledge called Sociology. In turn, he proceeded through various texts and works on the subject, attempting to simplify concepts and ideas for himself. This, successively, is now helping his students learn the subject fluidly and vividly, using everyday affairs as examples.

He’s happy to be a part of the successful journey of various UPSC aspirants who have gone on to secure Top Ranks like AIR 2, AIR 5, AIR 13, and have been Top scorers of the subject across the years. In his classes, you will often hear him say “Engineering taught me how a (housing) society is built, Sociology is now teaching me how a society is formed”. Reading (and then teaching) Sociology for more than 16 years now has been a life-changing experience for him.



Prerna Trehan– A deeply passionate educator and expert of Political Science and International Relations as well as Indian Polity and Governance, Prerna Trehan Ma’am, completed her graduation from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and Postgraduation in Political Science from Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and was a Parliamentary Researcher for former Railways Minister and MP Dinesh Trivedi. She is a recipient of UGC- Senior Research Fellowship and has over 7 years of teaching experience across colleges in Chandigarh and UPSC preparation. She was also a part of the Guest Faculty for the MoHRD National Mission on Education through ICT for Political Science Postgraduate Courses. Prerna Ma’am’s courses are known for being extremely comprehensive and ensure conceptual and analytical understanding of PSIR and Polity to aid students in tackling any question that may come their way. Under her guidance, a number of aspirants have secured ranks in UPSC through PSIR Optional including Aditya Raj (AIR 225- 2021), Anurag Nayan (AIR 279-2021), Raghvendra Sharma (AIR 340-2021), Preeti Panchal (AIR 449-2021), Anjali Birla (2019), Ravinderpreet Kaur (AIR 389- 2018), Rupesh Kumar (AIR 487- 2018) and more.



Shraddha Ganjoo – I have seen that students often find Geography vast, its concepts difficult and its application unthinkable. While my Engineering background gave me a sense of process to accomplish enormous looking tasks with competence, it was only during my experiment with Law that I realised the essence of diversity.   From the very first class, I attempt to reveal to them a sense of process and curiosity of breaking down complex looking phenomena and concepts into easy to understand ideas. Such ideas, when communicated with simplicity to students, become highly reproducible and rank-oriented content in the exam.
Based on my experiments with Geography over the years, I have witnessed significant improvement in student’s learning outcomes, engagement in the subject of Geography and a markedly higher attempt and accuracy in UPSC CSE.  I’m your geography teacher, I will never let my students get lost, together we’ll move the mountains.



Kawaljot Singh- Hi, I am  – faculty for History and Mains Answer Writing at Sleepy Classes. I have an experience of 7 years in UPSC field and Although I come from technical background but History – The Story of Past comes naturally to me as I have been a Story Teller since Childhood and in order to make History interesting I make it a point that Life lessons and Stories are embedded in between the lectures so that students can become better Human Beings too. Answer Writing has been a God gift since childhood, and the same helped me in UPSC Mains (2017), scoring one of the highest marks Essay (151) and GS Mains (591). I have mentored students who have gone on to become officers in Central and State Civil Services. I believe in giving my 100% and remaining honest while teaching as I believe that a Teacher holds the colossal responsibility in shaping a student’s life.  



Manmeet Kaur – Ma’am is known to students for her academic thoroughness. Academically a Doctor, she has carved a unique name amongst the UPSC CSE professionals who are known to simplify diverse concepts related with flora, fauna, biology, latest summits, their critical outputs and other important issues that are the lifeblood of success in UPSC CSE. Her experience of 3 Interviews has enabled her to appreciate the importance of inter-linking both the static concepts with the ever-evolving, dynamic world of Environment related Current Affairs, leading to a high relevance of her class lectures, and a greater accuracy of students in the exam.


Kuber Singh– Educator For International relations. He has been Mentoring UPSC Aspirants from the Last 5 Years across Various Institutes in Chandigarh. He firmly Believes that Passion & Energy are the Most Vital Ingredients which are prerequisite for Teaching. His passion got him Closer to the Study of International Relations. The Importance of International Relations lies in the fact that it is a very vital part of our daily current affairs as well. There is so much happening around the world and it is very vital for aspirants to keep a track of National as well as Global events. He Believes that International relations is a REFLECTION of Human Thought, Emotions & Behaviour. His approach of Teaching International Relations is Very Practical & Human Behaviour Oriented. Evolution of India’s Relations with the world is a reflection of India’s Changing Priorities & Objectives. If one can understand the dynamics between different Nations, one can very well decipher the dynamics involved in human mind as well!! Kuber Sir Uses alot of Maps & Flow charts While Teaching International relations and loves to Declutter the concepts to students in a way which is cherished by students thoroughly!



Arvind Guleria(Economy) – Dr. Manmohan Singh once remarked that “countries are no longer countries, in the modern world, they are Economies”, emphasizing the importance of economic growth of a Nation to enhance its influence globally.The same way, Economy is not just a subject but a pivot in your UPSC CSE preparation, enabling you to do well at all its stages.

Arvind sir believes, to score well in Economy you need 3 cards in your stack. We can call them CTC:
– Concept Clarity and its application
– Trends analysis
– Current Affairs

And it’s with this same approach that he delivers his Economy Lectures. His engaging lectures have helped students understand the toughest concepts with ease. In addition to that, it is the well researched content from various fundamental sources that make it easy to analyse trends and current affairs through his classes. So, let’s begin this journey of making Economy one of your favourite subjects by ensuring LOW CTC (Cost to Compete) and having maximum CTC (Command to Conquer UPSC).