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Prelims Test Series 2022

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Prelims Test Series 2022

12 Sectional Tests

9 Current Affairs Tests

2 Half Length Tests

5 Full Length Tests

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Let’s discuss a few questions related to Prelims Test Series. So that you can understand what we are offering you in this Test Series.

Q. Will the tests be full-length or sectional?
There will be 5 Full-Length and 12-Sectional Tests in the Test Series. You can refer to the schedule for the same.

Q. How many tests will be there?
There are 28 Tests which consist of 12 Sectional Tests, 9 Current Affairs Tests, 2 Half Length Tests and 5 Full-Length Tests.

Q. Will we be provided with the test schedule along with the topics for sections tests if any
Yes. For every test, you will be provided with a syllabus along with a list of topics.

Q. Is Prelims Test Series included in “Without answer evaluation course”?

Q. What do I do if I am unable to understand the explanation of any question of the Test Series?
You will be provided with a Video Solution with every Question.

Q. How many times can I give the same Test?
2 attempts will be provided for each Test.

Q. What will be the validity of any Test in the Test Series?
All Tests will be available to you till 5th June 2022.

Q. Do we get all Tests at once?
No, every test will be published as per the date mentioned in the schedule.

Q. How can I evaluate my performance?
To evaluate your performance in a particular test, you can see your AIR. Along with that, you can see the score of the topper, the average score of other aspirants, your own accuracy score and a detailed Question Report.

Q. Will I get a PDF of questions and solutions?
Yes. You will be provided with a detailed PDF consisting of Question Paper and Questions along with their answers and explanations.

Q. How many questions will there be in each test?
Each Test will have 100 Questions.

Q. Are Current Affairs covered in the Test Series?
There are 9 Current Affairs Tests covering all the current affairs of 2021 and (January – April) 2022.

Q. Can I get the refund, after I make the payment?
No. Once the fees is paid, it is non-refundable in any circumstance.

Q. How can I avail Early bird offer?
Early bird offer will be automatically applied when you purchase the Test Series.

Q. What if I am unable to access any Test?
You can contact us at 1800-890-3043. We will help you out.