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State PCS Exams

At Sleepy Classes, we believe in delivering exceptional content that caters to the needs of aspirants aiming to perform well in State PCS exams like UPPSC, PPSC, BPSC, MPPSC, and many others. Our team of experienced educators and subject matter experts are committed to curating study material that is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date, ensuring that you have access to the most comprehensive and reliable resources.

Our courses are designed to cover both the Prelims and Mains stages of State PCS exams. We understand the unique requirements of each stage and provide targeted content to help you navigate through the syllabus effectively. Whether you’re focusing on conceptual clarity, mastering current affairs, or improving answer-writing skills, our courses are structured to address all these aspects and more.

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Syllabus Covered

Here is a broad overview of the common GS syllabus that is often found in State PCS exams:

  1. History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History of India, as well as World History and Art & Culture.
  2. Geography: Physical Geography (Earth’s structure, climate, vegetation, etc.), Indian Geography (physical, political, and economic aspects), World Geography, and Environmental Ecology.
  3. Polity and Governance: Indian Constitution, Governance, Public Administration, Panchayati Raj, and Constitutional Bodies.
  4. Economy: Indian Economy, Economic Planning, Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Industry, and Banking.
  5. Science and Technology: General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Information Technology, Space Technology, and Current Technological Developments.
  6. Current Affairs: National and International Current Affairs, including events, government policies, awards, sports, and important news from various fields.
  7. Social Issues and Social Justice: Social Welfare Schemes, Poverty, Unemployment, Women Empowerment, Education, Health, Human Rights, and related issues.
  8. Environmental Issues: Environmental Conservation, Pollution, Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Development.
  9. International Relations: India’s Relations with its neighboring countries, International Organizations, India’s Foreign Policy, and Current Affairs related to international affairs.
  10. Ethics and Integrity: Ethics, Integrity, Aptitude, and Emotional Intelligence.


It is important to study these subjects in-depth, stay updated with current affairs, and practice answering previous year question papers and mock tests to enhance your preparation for State PCS exams.