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UPSC Toppers Mock Interviews and Strategies

A bureaucrat is expected to network, supervise, advocate and also articulate his or her opinions or perspectives exceptionally well. A critical work chunk of a civil servant’s life is negotiating with people from varying walks of life.

A score of 200 out of 275 in the UPSC CSE Personality Test is considered exceptional but is not impossible to achieve. Sleepy Classes IAS now brings its comprehensive mock interviews and exhaustive DAF analysis to help you with all your verbal and non verbals communication skills and the Sleepy Personality Mentors will guide you to Improve your Pauses, Tonality ,Facial and Body expressions to get a higher score in the personality test.

Also you will get some secret insights from retired bureaucrats about techniques which the UPSC Interview Panel uses to judge you! Check out some of the Sleepy mock interviews below.