General Studies

How to solve doubts in GS content course?

This Course is comprehensively designed so that you can get all your doubts cleared within the lecture but in case of doubt still persists, we have the facility of a discussion board where you can write your doubt and our expert will revert you back as soon as possible.

Is The Course Enough to Crack UPSC?

There’s no defined Mantra to crack UPSC. Yes, you can prepare comprehensively, as course content is prepared from wide range of sources. Moreover, course has been structured in such a way that you can practice rigorously before prelims and mains. So, this could be the best way to get a rank.

Is There a Deadline for Sending Answers for Daily Answer Writing?

No there is no such deadline, As this course is valid till 31 Dec 2023 so you can send your answers anytime between this period.

Is this course suitable for freshers too?

Yes, Our Course is so well designed that it starts from basic and takes you to an advanced level. So you can access this course at any level of your preparation.

How many answer writing questions in GS Mentorship Course?

You can avail yourself of 100 questions in your GS Mentorship course and all the questions are perfectly attached to the lectures. You can upload them on the platform where we’ll evaluate them and provide you with proper feedback. Also for your reference, we will provide one video solution in which the ideal way to write answers will be explained by our experts.

What will be the medium of classes?

The content will be taught in HINGLISH i.e hindi+english, but notes, pdf, ppt will be available in English only

Are there any notes with the content that will be provided to us?

Yes, as note-making is an integral part of UPSC aspirants so taking that into consideration notes for every lecture is attached to it. Moreover, you can add some latest updates to it by yourself.

What is the refund policy? If I didn’t like the course , Can I Discontinue and get my refund back?

We’ve provided you some demo lectures for free trial basis so that you can make you decision wisely. But, once course purchased, we will not be able to provide refund.

What Are the Timings of The Class?

This course is all about flexibility. So you can choose when you want to start your class as all lectures are available from day 1.

What will be the Validity of the course?

This course is valid from the day you purchased and till 31st December 2023

Why Your courses so minimally priced?

This has been a myth over the years, that Expensive courses are best in quality. But, we provide quality content in minimum,  pocket-friendly and efficient pricing.

What about Current affairs?

Yes, in this course monthly current affairs discussion will be provided to you which will be attached subject-wise from the perspective of prelims and mains.

Will GS Mentorship Course provide Answer writing practice and test series for prelims and mains?

Yes, this course offers you chapter-wise MCQs, Module-wise MCQs, and also pdf of these questions pdf is available for download too. Simultaneously you can go for Mains Answer writing where 100 questions are available from different subjects and you can write them as per your convenience.

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