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CSAT Courses for UPSC

CSAT Programs for UPSC

About the Program

Our CSAT UPSC courses are designed to cover every aspect of CSAT, ensuring you’re well-prepared for Prelims. We offer a mix of content videosquizzespractice tests, and doubt sessions to meet all your study needs.

Why Should You Join Our CSAT Programs?

Our CSAT programs offer expertly crafted video lectures, comprehensive syllabus coverage, personalized practice sheets, and regular assessments to ensure thorough preparation. With full-length mock tests and immediate feedback, we help you build confidence, improve time management, and excel in the CSAT exam. Join us for a structured, flexible, and effective learning experience tailored to your success.

What We Have To Offer You:

सक्षम CSAT PROGRAM – FOR UPSC 2025: 

Our सक्षम CSAT Course for 2025 offers a comprehensive and flexible learning experience through its 100+ top-quality video lectures. These lectures cover all essential topics in the CSAT syllabus, ensuring that no critical subject matter is overlooked. The curriculum is structured logically, allowing students to build their knowledge progressively. Each lecture is designed to be clear and engaging, making complex concepts easier to understand. Additionally, the flexibility to watch these lectures at one’s own pace allows for a customized learning schedule, accommodating different learning speeds and lifestyles.

To further reinforce learning, the course provides class-based practice sheets tailored to each session, enabling students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems. Topic-wise tests are conducted regularly, focusing on specific areas to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the course includes full-length mock tests that simulate the actual CSAT exam environment. These mock tests are designed to provide a real-test experience, helping students develop effective time management and test-taking strategies.

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Our UPSC CSAT Programs

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सक्षम CSAT Program – CSAT Course for UPSC 2025

The सक्षम CSAT Course by Sleepy Classes is designed to provide comprehensive preparation for the CSAT exam. Featuring 100+ high-quality video lectures, the course covers the entire syllabus in detail. Students benefit from class-based practice sheets, topic-wise tests, and full-length mock tests, all aimed at reinforcing learning and improving exam readiness.

Program Features:

star 100+ Video Lectures: Access to over 100 high-quality video lectures. Each lecture is designed to cover key concepts in a clear and engaging manner. Lectures can be watched at your own pace, allowing for flexible learning schedules.

star Detailed Coverage of Syllabus: Comprehensive curriculum that covers every topic in the CSAT syllabus. Ensures no important subject matter is left out. Structured in a logical sequence to build knowledge progressively.

star Class-Based Practice Sheets: Customized practice sheets provided after each class. Designed to reinforce the material covered in lectures. Helps in applying theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

tick 1 Topic-Wise Tests: Regular assessments focused on specific topics. Helps in identifying strengths and weaknesses in particular areas. Immediate feedback provided to aid in continuous improvement.

tick 1 Full-Length Mock Tests: Full-scale mock tests that simulate the actual CSAT exam. Aimed at providing a real-test experience to build confidence. Helps in developing effective time management and test-taking strategies. Detailed analysis and feedback on performance to help focus on areas needing improvement.

Program Fee: ₹7,200/-

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Platform for Course Delivery

The course will be delivered through our web platform at

You can also access all the courses via our iOS and Android Mobile Apps

Syllabus Covered

CSAT Arrow Comprehension; Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills
CSAT Arrow Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
CSAT Arrow Decision Making and Problem Solving
CSAT Arrow General Mental Ability
CSAT Arrow Basic Numeracy (Numbers and their Relations, Orders of Magnitude, etc – Class X level)
CSAT Arrow Data Interpretation (Charts, Graphs, Tables, Data Sufficiency, etc – Class X level)