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How is the online class different from offline ones?

There were lots of limitations in offline classes like limited time for every class like an hour, which gets compromised during question-answer sessions, as a result, the content gets affected. A teacher too cannot look into the doubts of thousands of students in offline classes but is possible in online mode. You can read extra books, ask doubts in the telegram group where a community has been made. In recent times we all are getting comfortable studying online.

How many calls will a student get in the mentorship course?

The content provided along with the videos is so enriching and has been taught in a very simplified way. Still, if doubts arise you all have been given access to Telegram groups where mentors are there to address your doubts. Even then if you have doubts which you want to understand over a call, Mentors will arrange for that once you inform them of the same. You can still reach us through e-mail or the Telegram group if your doubt remains.

How will answer writing be done in Sociology Mentorship Course?

You take the printout of that PDF and write your answer in the space provided or you can write it on a separate blank sheet and send it to us through the portal provided by scanning it. At the end of 5Chapters, when half of your Paper 1 Syllabus is over you will get a bigger test named Half Length Test (HLT). Effectively you will get 20 small tests and 4 big tests. This will be HLT 1, at the end of the 10Th Chapter you will get HLT2. you will get 2 Questions at the end of it. We need to understand the syllabus first for that. There are 10 Chapters in Paper1, once it is covered through videos, PDFs, books, etc.

Is this course sufficient enough to clear the paper?

We too have designed all our courses in such a way, whether it’s Sociology, GS, PSIR, etc. that they are content-rich so that we can build a certain level that we can tackle questions that we have not seen before. UPSC is ever-evolving and it comes up with something new from time to time which we need to prepare on the spot. We prepare our students in such a way that they can tackle questions asked by UPSC on the spot.

What are the study materials for Sociology? Will we get study materials from your side? Which books should we follow?

You will be given topic-wise tests, where topics will be listed first. Once you cover these topics first, a test can be attempted. To improve your answers, you will first get a model answer PDF and a video solution too will be available explaining the same. Apart from all this, the detailed evaluation will be presented to you for a personalized approach so that your mistakes can be corrected.

How to prepare current affairs in Sociology? Will it be covered in the course?

This is one of the common issues faced by most of the students that how they can tackle current affair topics in all kinds of subjects. Subjects like Sociology are full of theory and UPSC asks like that. The majority of the Answers can be found in the content, but to make it more facts based on recent updates we add Contemporary examples as well from time to time. Current affairs are used to give recent examples and make your answers more factual.

What if the student wants to talk to you, Shekhar Sir?

The whole content has been made by Shekhar Sir, and he tries his best to deliver to you the best quality content so that everything is crystal clear to you but still some issues remain, so if there are some complicated doubts, then students can contact Shekhar Sir. We try our best that your doubts get resolved parallel through the Telegram group.

Will the video be live or pre-recorded? What will be the timings of the Lectures?

All the videos will be pre-recorded which will be recorded recently from time to time and include current affairs, recent UPSC questions. These videos will be made available to you at 9 am and can be viewed whenever you want as per your comfort. It will be recommended that you prepare a proper schedule of your own.

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