Sociology Optional Batch - IV(2021)

Sociology without Answer Evaluation Batch - IV(2021)

This is our ‘world-famous’ Sociology optional. It is loved by thousands of students and has been the toppers’ choice since the day we started this. Every year many students in the Top 100 recommend our Sociology Optional. You can hear it from the horses’ mouth (we mean from the Toppers ;p)
This course contains
• Content Video Lectures
• Content Updations
• Weekly Answer Writing
• Model Answers With Video Solutions
• Doubt Resolution
• Half-Length Tests and
• Full-Length Tests
Bonus: One Personal Mentoring Session, to be availed at the choice of the student

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Course Schedule

Batch IV of the Sociology course starts on 19th October 2020 and the content lectures go on till 28th March 2021 will Full length tests ending on 4th April 2021. There will be sectional tests after each section of Paper I and II are completed. The detailed schedule can be downloaded from the link attached.

Download Course Schedule
Course Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is this Sociology course?

The course provides holistic preparation of Sociology optional for UPSC Mains including detailed content classes and answer writing with test series.

Q. What does this course include?

The course consists of classes three days a week ranging from 60-120 minutes daily from Sept 2020- Feb 2021 including:

Weekly Answer Writing with Video solutions and model answer
Doubt resolution
Evaluation and feedback
4 sectional and 2 full length tests with Video solutions and model answer

Q. What will be the length and duration of the course?

The course starts on 7th September 2020 and goes on till 26th February 2021. The classes will be on alternative days of the week, that is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They will span from 90-120 mins per day.

Q. Can these lectures be viewed again?

The lectures exist on the platform till course validity lasts that is till 30th September 2021 (till Mains 2021) and can be viewed any time and any number of times by the student. There is no limit on time or number as far as lectures as concerned.

Q. What will be my writing practice?

Firstly we will try to build in conceptual understanding and integrate it with answer writing. The weekly answer writing will help the students write regularly and chart their improvement. There will be a gradual increase in weekly answers given.

The students will be given 2 questions to attempt on Saturday and they will have a week to submit the answers for which model answers as well as detailed video solutions shall be provided.

Apart from the routine answer writing, there will also be 4 sectional tests. Papers 1 and 2 will be divided into 4 sections with a test at the end of each section. Along with this there will be 2 Full length tests, one each for Paper 1 and 2. Model answers and video solutions will be included.

Q. What will be the evaluation scheme?

In the course which includes answer evaluation, weekly answer writing as well as the tests shall be evaluated with comments for improvement and have model answers along with video solutions. The aim is to inculcate good writing habits and structure making among the students.

Q.What about doubt clearance?

Sleepy Classes believes in a truly democratic framework. In pursuit of the same, we have a dashboard for doubt clearance where students can ask questions. Apart from this there will also be telegram groups for both peer to peer interaction as well as doubt clearance with mentors. Lastly, in case of further issues, the students can get an appointment to call the teacher in charge for detailed conversation.

Q. Can a student get demo lectures of the course?

Sleepy Classes believes quality speaks on its own. We have uploaded demo lectures from the Sociology optional course in our Sociology playlist on our YouTube channel. The students can have a look at the same to get an idea regarding the content, teaching style and topic coverage.


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