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UPSC Prelims with Static and Current Affair Based Subject-Wise Question Banks (MCQs)

Cracking UPSC Prelims requires strategic preparation, and analysing past exam trends is crucial. We are here to equip you with the ultimate weapon: Subject-Wise Previous Year Question Banks based on Static and Current Affair Content for aced dominance in UPSC Prelims!

Download the Subject-Wise MCQ PDFs Here:

Subject UPSC Prelims Question Bank
Economy Click to Download PDF
Environment & Ecology Click to Download PDF

Dominate Every Subject:

  • Geography Questions for UPSC Prelims: Unearth trends and patterns in Geography questions asked in UPSC Prelims.
  • Economy Questions for UPSC Prelims: Comprehend crucial economic concepts tested in UPSC Prelims through Static/Current Affair based Questions.
  • Environment and Ecology Questions for UPSC Prelims: Solidify your understanding of the environment subject and ecology with subject-specific UPSC Prelims MCQs.
  • History Questions for UPSC Prelims: Navigate the historical landscape of UPSC Prelims with questions dedicated to all chapters of History.
  • Polity Questions for UPSC Prelims: Demystify the intricacies of Indian Polity and Governance with subject-specific UPSC Prelims Questions based on Static and Current Affairs.
  • International Relations & Internal Security Questions for UPSC Prelims: Glide through the realm of International Relations and Internal Security for Prelims through content-rich relevant questions.
  • Science & Technology Questions for UPSC Prelims: Solidify your understanding of the Scientific Concepts and Latest Technologies to be ready for UPSC Prelims.

Maximize Your Score:

Analyzing MCQs unveils the UPSC’s question-setting approach, equipping you to:

  • Identify Recurring Themes: Recognize frequently tested topics and tailor your preparation accordingly.
  • Practice Time Management: Sharpen your exam-taking skills by solving MCQs under timed conditions.
  • Boost Confidence: Gain a strong understanding of the exam format and question styles, fortifying your confidence on exam day.

Empower your UPSC Prelims journey with the power of Static & Current Affair based MCQs! Download our subject-wise compilations and conquer every section of the exam!

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