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American Revolution was not a standalone event

By May 17, 2022May 22nd, 2023GS1, History, Mains Answer Writing

Ques. American Revolution was not a standalone event, it had far reaching consequences all around the world. What were the causes of this extraordinary revolution and also discuss the significance of American Revolution on Europe?


  •  Tension grew over time between the residents of 13 North American Colonies and the British colonial Government, which resulted in a full fledged war by 1775 in which British were defeated in American Revolutionary War, leading to geographical foundation of United States of America and the causes which led to this extraordinary situation were
    • Political Causes
      • No Representatives of Colonies in British Parliament and taxation without Representation – Lead to increased resentment among the people of America and led to the use of slogan ‘No Taxation without Representation’
    • Economic Causes
      • Inefficient Policies, Export Limitations, Restrictions in Industrialisation – British acts prevented the economic development of colonies and the Stamp Duty which was imposed in 1765 led to widespread violent protest such as Boston Tea Party.
    • Ideological Causes
      • Enlightenment Philosophers like Locke, Harrington and Milton spread the ideas that all people have inalienable rights that no Government should be allowed to infringe which was in direct contrast with oppressive British rule and upon that inequalities of British society was despised by many philosophers like Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson.
    • The main significance of American Revolution was that it provided a template through which modern ideas could defeat oppressive regimes. This war ended the “Divine Right of Kingship” as America overturned Monarchy and became a republic which was based on the first written constitution of the World which majorly impacted Europe where Monarchies were still in power and thus led to a spark of freedom over there also which in turn led to many uprisings in Europe with French Revolution being the biggest and moreover the Thinkers like Thomas Paine who participated in the revolution led to the spread of modern ideas in Europe.