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General Studies Prelims Courses for UPSC

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Crash and Content Courses

Rapid Revision for Prelims 2024 (Last Batch)

Course Features:

Live Classes by Subject Matter Experts
200 Most Important Topics per Subject for GS (Only in GS & Combo)
Rapid Revision of Most Important Topics for CSAT (Only in CSAT & Combo)
Value Addition Material (Only in GS & Combo)
Subject Specific MCQs (Only in GS & Combo)
3 GS FLTs (Only in GS & Combo)
3 CSAT FLTs (Only in CSAT & Combo)
Telegram Group
1:1 Mentorship (Only in GS & Combo)

Course Schedule:

Download the Rapid Revision General Studies + CSAT (Last Batch) Schedule – Click Here
Download the Rapid Revision General Studies (Last Batch) Schedule – Click Here
Download the Rapid Revision CSAT (Last Batch) Schedule – Click Here

SAMBHAV 2.0 Prelims Crash Course – Batch-3

Course Features:

Daily LIVE Classes by our Senior Subject Matter Experts

Comprehensive Coverage of the Syllabus

Strategic and Academic Mentorship

Discussion of Relevant PYQs

7 Full Length Tests

Practice Tests

Comprehensive CSAT Coverage (in Prelims Crash Course + CSAT for 2024)

Bonus Features:

Special Class on Budget and Eco Survey

CSAT Masterclass

Special Map Classes

Tips and Techniques for Prelims

Course Schedule:

Download the Full Schedule for Prelims Crash Course for UPSC 2024 (Batch-3): Click Here

MAPS Series for Prelims 2024

CSAT Crash Course for Prelims 2024

Course Features:

Recorded Topics Wise Lectures
Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage
Aligned with Latest UPSC Pattern
Topic-Wise Class Exercises
Self-Practice Sheets
Topic Tests
LIVE Doubt Redressal Classes

SAMBHAV Subject-Wise Prelims Crash Courses

Course Features:

Comprehensive Coverage of Core Concepts
Current Affairs Included
Topic Tests
1:1 Mentorship for Candidates
Private Telegram Group

Course Schedule:

Download the Schedule for Subject-Wise Prelims Crash Course for UPSC 2024:



Environment & DM

Click Here


Click Here


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Click Here


Click Here

International Relations

Click Here

Science & Tech

Click Here

Social Issues

Click Here

CSAT Content Course for 2024 – Batch-5

Course Features:

Recorded Topics Wise Lectures
Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage
Aligned with Latest UPSC Pattern
Self-Practice Sheets
Topic Tests
8 Complete Mock Tests
LIVE Doubt Redressal Classes

Course Schedule:

Download the Schedule for Recorded CSAT Saksham Course 2024 (Batch-5) Here – Download

LIVE CSAT Sprint for Prelims 2024

Course Features:

LIVE Lectures from 10th May – 3rd June 2024
10 Lectures for Quants
5 Lectures for Reasoning
6 Lectures for English – RC
Special Inclusion – Class-Based Practice Sheets

Course Schedule:

Download the Schedule for LIVE CSAT Sprint for Prelims 2024 Here – Download

Test Series and Mentorship Courses

PARAKH Prelims Test Series – Complete Syllabus

Course Features:

22 Subject-Wise Tests (12 Fundamental Tests & 11 Advanced Tests)

7 Full-Length Tests

Complete Coverage of Prelims Syllabus

Comprehensive Coverage of Current Affairs

Detailed Explanations for Topic Clarity

Supplementary Test for Budget & Economic Survey

Free Access to All India Mocks

Mentor Support via Telegram Group


Course Schedule:

Download the Full Schedule for Prelims Complete Syllabus Test Series 2024: Click Here

General Studies Full Length Test - Top 500 MCQs Curated by Faculty

5 Full Length Tests

Comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs

Detailed explanations for Topic clarity

PARISHRAM Practice Questions for Prelims 2024

Course Features:

Unlock Success with Topic-Wise Tests (Approx 2000 Questions)

UPSC PYQ Theme Wise Tests(2011-2022) for Ultimate Preparedness

Focus on Most Important Current Affairs

Personalized Test Analysis with our Expert Mentors

Course Schedule:

Download the Full Schedule for Parishram Practice Questions for Prelims 2024 – Click Here

Mentorship-Only Courses

Feature Comparisons:

Subject-Wise Rapid Revision Courses

Want to Master 13 Years of PYQs?

FREE GS & CSAT Prelims 2024 Marathon

Want To Revise 50 Important Topics For Prelims 2024?

FREE 50 Important Topics Series for Prelims 2024

Want an All Subject PYQ Compilation?

FREE GS All Subjects PYQ Compilation (upto 2022)

Looking for State PCS Courses?

Click Here for State PCS

Syllabus Covered

UPSC General Studies Syllabus

UPSC Previous Years' Papers

UPSC Previous Years' Papers 2016-23

Platform for Course Delivery

The course will be delivered through our web platform at

You can also access all the courses via our iOS and Android Mobile Apps

About Teachers

Manmeet Kaur (Environment and DM) –  Academically a Doctor. Her experience of 3 Interviews has enabled her to appreciate the importance of inter-linking both the static concepts with the ever-evolving, dynamic world of Environment related Current Affairs, leading to a high relevance of her class lectures, and a greater accuracy of students in the exam.

Kuber Singh (International Relations) – He has been Mentoring UPSC Aspirants from the Last 5 Years. He Believes that International relations is a REFLECTION of Human Thought, Emotions & Behaviour. His passionate and energetic approach of Teaching International Relations is Very Practical & Human Behaviour Oriented

Arvind Guleria (Economy) – His engaging lectures have helped students understand the toughest concepts with ease. His well-researched content from various fundamental sources will make it easy to analyse trends and current affairs.   

Shraddha Ganjoo (Geography) Her engineering background gives her the leverage to complete enormous tasks with ease and her experiments with law allows her to understand the essence of diversity. She will make every complex topic simpler. Her approach is rank oriented.

Ayush Raina (Polity and Governance) Civil Engineer by Profession. He has qualified Punjab PCS. His experience of  UPSC interview taught him that “Learning Never Stops”. He believes that the best way to defeat your opponent is to know each and every detail about it and his teaching will provide adequate ammo to you guys to conquer your enemy (figuratively).. UPSC CSE exam. 

Dharminder Singh (Science & Tech) – With a strong medical background, he possesses a deep understanding of how Science and technology can be effectively used in both UPSC and everyday life. His ability to connect difficult concepts with real life examples is a testament to his teaching prowess. Moreover, his unwavering dedication towards fostering a positive and engaging classroom environment encourages critical thinking, creativity and passion for learning. Through his well researched content, he ensures that his students stay ahead of the curve.

Sonpriya Meena (History)

Toppers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Solve Doubts in the GS Content Course?

The Course is Comprehensively Designed So That You Can Get All Your Doubts Cleared Within the Lecture, But in Case You Still Have a Doubt, We Have the Facility of a Discussion Board Where You Can Write Your Doubt and Our Expert will Revert Back to You.

Is The Course Enough to Crack UPSC?

There’s No Defined Mantra to Crack UPSC. Yes, We Can Prepare Comprehensively, as Course Content is Prepared from a Wide Range of Sources. Moreover, the Course Has Been Structured in Such a Way that You Can Practice Rigorously Before Prelims and Mains. So, This Proves to Be the Best Way to Get a Rank.

Is There a Deadline for Sending Answers for Daily Answer Writing?

No There is No Such Deadline, as this Course is Valid till 30th September 2024, So You Can Send Your Answers Anytime Between this Period.

Is this Course Suitable for Freshers Too?

Yes, Our Course is So Well Designed That it Starts from the Basics and Takes You to an Advanced Level. So You Can Capitalise on this Course at Any Level of Your Preparation.

Will the Course be LIVE or Non-LIVE? What will be the Timings of the Lectures?

We have both LIVE and Non-LIVE Batches available to choose from. Apart from Harnessing the Benefits of LIVE Classes,  Class Replays are Made Available to You So That You Can Rewatch them As and When Required. In Non-LIVE Batches, Content is Made Available to You as Per the Provided Batch Schedule.

GS Prelims 2024

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Pre+Mains Mentorship-Only Course 2024


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