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Top Online Coaching Options for UPSC Aspirants in Jaipur: Why Sleepy Classes Stands Out

The journey to becoming a successful UPSC aspirant demands dedication, hard work, and the right guidance. For those in Jaipur, the availability of top-notch online coaching options can make a significant difference in their preparation. Among the myriad of choices, Sleepy Classes has emerged as a standout option, offering innovative teaching approaches and a wealth of online resources. In this article, we will explore the top online coaching options for UPSC aspirants in Jaipur and delve into why Sleepy Classes stands out from the rest.

Key Takeaways

  • Sleepy Classes offers innovative teaching approaches and a wealth of online resources.
  • Plutus IAS is known for its comprehensive course offerings and experienced faculty.
  • Yojna IAS provides well-structured study materials and regular test series.
  • Kautilya IAS focuses on personalized coaching and mentorship programs.
  • The Hinduzone offers a variety of courses tailored to different UPSC exam stages.

1. Sleepy Classes


Sleepy Classes is a well-regarded online coaching institute for UPSC aspirants, known for its innovative teaching methods and comprehensive online resources. The institute offers personalized coaching, regular test series, and well-structured study materials to ensure students excel in their UPSC exams. Their cutting-edge methodology and noteworthy results make them stand out.

Courses Offered

Sleepy Classes provides a variety of courses tailored to meet the needs of UPSC aspirants:

  • General Studies
  • Sociology
  • PSIR
  • CSAT
  • Essay

Unique Features

  • High-quality recorded video lectures
  • Live online classes
  • Regular class notes
  • Best and well-researched study material
  • Frequent mock tests

Contact Information

For more details, you can reach out to Sleepy Classes:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1800-890-3043
  • Address: Plot No. E-42, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071

At Sleepy Classes, our endeavour is to make sure that no one shall be denied a chance to get quality coaching because of financial constraints. We started our Youtube channel with this idea and are continuing to provide cost-effective solutions for high-quality UPSC preparation. Through our website and app, we have helped more than 1,000,000 students to get access to affordable UPSC preparation and make their IAS dreams come true.

2. Plutus IAS

Plutus IAS is a renowned coaching institute for IAS aspirants, known for its comprehensive online coaching programs. With over 20 years of experience, Plutus IAS offers a variety of courses including NCERT, correspondence, online, and offline courses. The institute is well-regarded for its highly experienced faculty members who have been instrumental in guiding students toward success in the UPSC CSE examination.

3. Yojna IAS

Yojna IAS is a trustworthy name in Jaipur for UPSC coaching. The institute has earned respect by consistently offering excellent instruction and support to its students. Their vision is to help UPSC aspirants from all sections of society realize their dream of entering Civil Services by providing them with up-to-date knowledge combined with innovative use of technology.

4. Kautilya IAS

Kautilya IAS online coaching is one of the best options for CSAT coaching in India. The Kautilya Academy has great online reviews and ratings all over the country for providing the best online CSAT preparation. The candidate can do their best in the examination by getting the most appropriate guidance from the best faculties at the Kautilya IAS. It provides high-quality live online classes.

5. The Hinduzone

The Hinduzone is a premier online platform known for its exceptional CSAT coaching and career counseling services. It offers recorded video lectures by top-tier educators, making it accessible for students who cannot join traditional coaching institutes. The Hinduzone stands out for its comprehensive guidance, helping students choose the most suitable online CSAT coaching by providing detailed information about various institutes.

6. Elite IAS

Elite IAS Academy is a prominent name among UPSC coaching institutes in Jaipur. Their focused approach and personalized guidance have led to a growing number of students achieving success in the Civil Services Examination.

7. Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy is one of the finest IAS academies that you can find for the preparation of the IAS exam with its range of expertise. They have been offering facilities and features with almost all subjects to ensure students are well prepared for the IAS exam. Shankar IAS Academy offers a comprehensive All India Test Series for UPSC aspirants.

8. Chrome IAS

Chrome IAS is another well-known coaching institute that offers online CSAT classes for different competitive examinations. Chrome IAS ranks eighth in the list of the best online CSAT coaching centers in India and is the best choice for civil services examination training online medium. The teaching staff of the Chrome IAS academy is very supportive and experienced for your better preparation and good results.

9. Eden IAS

Eden IAS is a prominent name among UPSC coaching centers, known for its comprehensive and structured approach to civil services preparation. Their curriculum is meticulously designed to cover all aspects of the UPSC syllabus, ensuring that students are well-prepared for every stage of the examination.

10. Chahal Academy

Chahal Academy is one of the best online CSAT coaches in India. It is a rapidly growing and premier institute for CSAT coaching, providing specialized classroom and distance courses tailored to each student’s convenience. The institute focuses on bringing out your best performance by developing a surrounding that helps you to work hard and stand out in the crowd.

Key Features

  • Highly Experienced Faculties: The academy boasts a team of highly experienced coaching faculties.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Students can choose between online and offline courses for UPSC preparation.
  • Comprehensive Study Material: Includes online CSAT coaching notes, exam preparation booklets, video lectures, and live classes with faculty.

Results and Achievements

In the past session, more than 300 students from Chahal IAS Academy were selected. The academy has a track record of producing excellent results over the years.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Chahal Academy provides access to the most advanced facilities and top-notch infrastructure. The classrooms are equipped with incredible learning aids, ensuring a conducive learning environment.

With more than 15 centres across the country, Chahal IAS Academy is fulfilling its aim of making quality education accessible to a larger pool of aspirants.

Chahal Academy is your gateway to success in UPSC exams. With our comprehensive courses and expert guidance, we ensure that you are well-prepared to achieve your IAS dreams. Don’t wait any longer, start your UPSC journey with us today!


In conclusion, the journey to cracking the UPSC exam is undoubtedly challenging, and choosing the right coaching institute can make a significant difference. Jaipur offers a plethora of online coaching options, each with its unique strengths. However, Sleepy Classes stands out for its innovative teaching methods, comprehensive study materials, and commitment to providing affordable education. With a proven track record and a student-centric approach, Sleepy Classes has become a preferred choice for many UPSC aspirants. Whether you are just starting your preparation or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, Sleepy Classes offers the resources and support you need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Sleepy Classes a standout option for UPSC coaching in Jaipur?

Sleepy Classes stands out due to its innovative teaching approaches, wealth of online resources, individualized coaching, regular test series, and well-structured study materials. Their commitment to providing affordable, high-quality education has helped many students achieve their IAS dreams.

How does Sleepy Classes support students with financial constraints?

Sleepy Classes started with the idea of providing quality coaching at an affordable price. They offer cost-effective solutions through their website and app, making high-quality UPSC preparation accessible to everyone.

What kind of study materials does Sleepy Classes provide?

Sleepy Classes offers high-quality recorded video lectures, live online classes, regular class notes, well-researched study materials, and conducts mock tests on a regular basis.

Where is Sleepy Classes located?

Sleepy Classes is an online coaching institute, making it accessible to students in Jaipur and beyond. Their contact number is +916280133177, and their website is

What is the batch size for Sleepy Classes?

The batch size for Sleepy Classes ranges from 50 to 60 students, which allows for personalized attention and effective learning.

What are the reviews and results of Sleepy Classes?

Sleepy Classes has received positive reviews, with a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Google. They are known for their best past year results, providing comprehensive UPSC coaching notes, preparation booklets, and an extensive test series.