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Are NCERTs Necessary to Clear UPSC?

Overlooked Corners of NCERT Series

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NCERT Books for UPSC are One of the Best and Most Authentic Sources for Preparation. NCERT books are written by eminent personalities and NCERT Notes for UPSC help in breaking down important concepts in comprehensive manner. This is why it is important to prepare NCERTs for UPSC Preparation.

Here's Why You Should Watch the Overlooked Corners of NCERT Series:

Low Hanging Fruits

Many Questions in UPSC are Often Directly Asked As-is in the Paper from NCERT Books, making these Marks Easily Securable using NCERT Books or NCERT Notes for UPSC

Comprehensive Coverage

Explore Essential Topics Across Subject NCERTs for UPSC, Which are Crucial for NCERT Note making and for UPSC Prelims 2024, Meticulously Curated by Expert Educators

Expert-Led Content

Benefit from In-Depth Analysis and Insights of overlooked NCERTs for UPSC provided by Experienced Subject-Matter Experts, ensuring Clarity and Understanding during making NCERT Notes for UPSC

Up-to-Date Content

Stay Informed with the Latest Updates to the NCERTs for UPSC, Relevant to UPSC Prelims 2024, Ensuring Your Preparation and NCERT Notes are Comprehensive and Up to Speed

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    Overlooked Corners of NCERT Series for UPSC Prelims 2024 Schedule

    (Click on Subject to View)

    Week 1
    Week 2
    Date Subject
    13th May 2024 History
    14th May 2024 Science & Technology
    15th May 2024 Polity & Governance
    16th May 2024 Economy
    17th May 2024 International Relations
    18th May 2024 Geography
    19th May 2024 Environment & D.M.
    Date Subject
    20th May 2024 Bonus Lecture on Political Theory
    23rd May 2024 Science & Technology
    24th May 2024 Polity
    25th May 2024 Geography
    26th May 2024 History
    27th May 2024 Bonus Lecture on Political Theory

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